Swatch and review

January 1st releases from Bee’s Knees Lacquer.

Happy New Year!!! 🎊 Today is the day to make resolutions and hopefully stick with them. 3 years ago, I made a resolution to quit smoking, and I did it! To those of you reading that think following through on a resolution is too hard, make it happen. YOU CAN DO IT!

Okay who’s ready for pretties? I am, and Bee’s Knees Lacquer has delivered once again.

They will be having 2 launches this month. The first will be polish only and mystery bags on 1/1 at noon est. They will have 120 mystery bags this time featuring 2 new shades and 1 old one, and yes some of the shades have UP again. Here are the 4 polishes available on their own:
-Tahoe Tessie is Terrifying-an aqua polish with OG UP and ghost flakes, the larger flakes that shift the same color as OG UP $18
2 coats plus a glossy and a matte TC.
-Jersey Devil Totes Ma Goats-a grape based polish with indigo sibling UP and iridescent flakes that shift pink to orange and green to purple. $15
2 coats plus a glossy and matte TC.
-Mothman is Lit-a black based polish with red to green Aurora shimmer and iridescent flakes that shift from orange to red to purple. $13
One coat plus a glossy and matte TC.
-Monarch Wing-a bright orange polish with green to blue sibling UP $15
2 coats plus a glossy TC. My swatches show more of a red/orange, however in person, it’s a beautiful bright orange.

All four of these had fantastic formulas, easy/smooth application, easy removal, and fast dry times.

Bee’s Knees Lacquer will also be launching their new matte topcoat on the 1st. Ulti-Matte will be $8

Guess what??? I did nail art. Only one, because I haven’t been feeling the best.

Bee’s Knees Lacquer is releasing all 4 now!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!


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