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August Monthly Awareness Polish Box. Canines For Life

After a whole month of my 2 oldest kids being gone at their grandparents house, I finally have them back. Just in time too, because last Wednesday was my oldest daughters 13th birthday. Whoa, hit the brakes and back up, WHAT??? I still can't believe it! To make things even worse, my youngest will be 7 tomorrow. Time needs to stand still so I can keep them small and sweet for a little longer.
Speaking of time flying by, it's time to reveal the August Monthly Awareness Polish Box. Donations this month will be going towards Canines For Life. This organization trains service dogs for individuals who have a wide range of cognitive and physical disabilities.
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by a sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Our makers have used this photo for their inspiration.

First up is Turtle Tootsie Polish "Epilepsy Awareness". This is a light Peachy cream base with Purple shimmer. Shown with 3 coats, plus glossy TC. The application is smooth and levels out very nicely. The shimmer definitely shows up better at certain angles. The formula is a little thicker, but overall, a very pretty neutral polish.

Next is Lifestyle Lacquer "Seize The Day" a Red shade with both linear and scattered holographic pigment. Shown with 2 easily applied coats. The formula is exceptional!!! In the sunlight, this beauty sparkles!!!

"Epilepsy Advocate" by All Mixed Up Lacquers is a pink base with multiple sizes and shades of pink glitters. Small purple and blue flakes and rainbow flakies are added for that extra pretty factor. I have used 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. I didn't have to fish for these glitters or flakes, they applied easily and evenly. The formula is a little thicker, but worked perfectly for the glitters. I even tried a little nail art on this one! Go me!!! (Fist bumping myself right now!)

Next up is 1 in 100 by Pretty Beautiful Unlimited. If you've seen any of Virginia's polishes, you'll know how complex and gorgeous they are. This one is no exception. A blue base with silver galaxy and micro glitter, violet to blue shimmer, and red/bronze/copper UCC flakes. Shown with 2 coats plus glossy top coat. Again, this polish applied so easily! All the elements in this polish spread easily and evenly on the nail. The formula is a perfect consistency for me.

You Do or You Don't by Alter Ego is a clear base with black and white hearts and micro glitters. I have used it as a topper over I Sea Ponies by China Glaze. I did do a little glitter placement by fishing out the hearts. You could absolutely use this polish on its own by using the sponging method.

Last but not least is " We Wear Purple" by Sassy Pants Polish. This is a purple base with a beautiful blue shimmer, giving it a blurple look. Shown with 2 coats plus glossy top coat. The formula is excellent, and application was a breeze.

That's it for the August Monthly Awareness Polish Box. Don't forget you can order all six, choose your favorite four, or purchase a single bottle. Ten percent of all purchases will be going towards Canine 4 Life.

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Thanks for reading! Have a fantastical day!!!


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